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Order Issues

Issues related to order, or about your device.

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Please click here to find your UDID.

Any Apple device. You can use your UDID buy Certificate directly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Yes, the same UDID can be multiple purchases can be made, and they will be spread across different developer accounts without any issues.

Certificate are typically processed instantly, but they can be delayed due to high demand or system downtime on Apple's servers. In the event of a wait list, customers who purchased the STANDARD or PREMIUM packages will be processed first.

We will send a confirmation to your email address provided. You can also check the status of your order here

After generating a certificate for your UDID, the spot in our Apple developer account is taken and can't be reused. We have the sole discretion to give refunds on a case-by-case basis.

Since each device's UDID is unique, you will likely need to place a new order. Apple prevents us from editing, replacing, or removing devices on our account.

However, if you purchase the PREMIUM Plan or ULTIMATE Plan, we will be able to replace it under certain circumstances.
Protect yourself from the unexpected. If you purchase the PREMIUM Plan or ULTIMATE Plan and your device is exchanged under an insurance program such as AppleCare or replaced due to theft within 6 months of your purchase, we'll enroll your new device free of charge.

Device replacement requires the submission of relevant supporting documents, after replacement, Old order expire, New device is considered Basic Plan or Standard Plan. (Only support once replacement, it takes about 3-7 days to replacement)

For security reasons, we can't provide you with direct access to our developer account.

Certificate & Provisioning

Issues related to Certificate & Provisioning .

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These files let you use iOS App Signer or Xcode or Esign App to sign and install any app on your device, such as custom apps or third-party apps not available on the App Store. Apps installed in this way will continue working for up to a year.

Esign App can sign and install apps directly on your iOS device without any computer.

using iOS App Signer requires a Mac with macOS 10.9+ and an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 9+.

If you are eligible for revoke protection, you can Check Your Order and download new Certificate & Provisioning files there. Otherwise, you will need to make another purchase. BASIC plan have 7 days of revoke protection,STANDARD plan have 180 days of revoke protection, while PREMIUM plan have 360 days.

Your certificate and profile will be used for approximately one year. However, Apple can revoke a certificate at any time. We recommend purchasing the Premium Plan or Ultimate Plan because of the longer warranty period and the free replacement of revoked certificates if they are revoked during the warranty period.